about-us “Triton,” the son of Poseidon, was a messenger from the sea who brought news of calm waters and safe passage. As Navy Veterans, the call to provide assistance and service to others is the hallmark of our company. Hence, the name “Triton” reminds us why we started the firm and its mission to “Deliver Creative Financial Solutions Like No Other” to our clients. During turbulent times, we know that there is a need for aspiring Investors, Entrepreneurs, and Business Owners to have one trusted source that can guide, provide and deliver the types of services that Triton has for over a decade.

Triton is the Premier Alternative Lender for Entrepreneurs who are interested in getting into the Real Estate industry. Our team of Real Estate and Finance experts specialize in Financial Development and Professional Real Estate Coaching Services. Whether our clients are trying to get established in the real estate industry or have been actively engaged for years and need resources to grow, we have solutions that fit your situation.

Our Founder and Managing Director, La Mancha Sims, is a former Naval Officer, as well as an experienced financier and business development expert. La Mancha has years of experience in the real estate industry, from investing to home building. Triton continues to focus on helping our clients gain access to traditional and non-traditional financing, passive income opportunities, and comprehensive business advice.

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