Triton has developed a proven system that has directly helped numerous people achieve their financial goals and dreams. Our team fully understands what it takes to have a successful business in the Franchise industry and we have developed the training and support system to accomplish that!

Triton’s Franchise Investor Training Program™ is delivered in 3 segments with each segment training our Franchise Investors to become top tier experts in the industry. Triton’s training program is designed to provide our Investors with the knowledge, expertise and resources required to grow their business and to ensure their success.

Franchise Investor Training Program:


Core Curriculum Training – Segment I


Hands-On Personal and Senior Staff Mentoring – Segment II


Advisor Development Curriculum Training – Segment III


Annual Education Training Program


Industry Knowledge and Resources Training

Core Curriculum Training – Segment I

1. Introduction to the Franchise Industry

You will be provided with an overview of the franchise industry and how it operates. You will learn the characterization of what a franchise is, the advantages and disadvantages of franchising, why clients decide to purchase a franchise, the difference between a franchise and a business opportunity and more.

2. Laws Governing the Franchise Business Model and Legal Business Structure

Triton’s Franchise Corporate attorney will teach this training session that will educate you on the legalities of the franchise business model, the do’s and don’ts of a Franchise Advisor as well as understanding the “all important” Franchise Disclosure Document. Also in this session we will talk about our recommendations on how you should set up your franchise advisor business.

3. Business Accounting and Your Business

This segment is taught by a Certified Public Accountant who will educate you on how to set up a business for long term growth and proper tax accounting including recommendations on accounting software programs such as QuickBooks to generate reports and business growth.

4. Social Media and Internet Marketing

This segment will introduce you to the numerous opportunities that are available by the proper utilization of social media and the Internet to market your business for lead generation purposes. Our team members will also show you how using the internet will help you be more effective in managing and engaging different types of leads.

5. Network Marketing Locally and Nationally

In this segment you will learn how to fully develop a referral business and how to create a successful network marketing plan that will continuously generate leads both locally and nationally.

6. Franchise Prospecting and Qualifying

This training segment will provide you with the tools to effectively qualify or disqualify your prospect within a five minute conversation. Triton’s team members will teach you how to manage each interaction, while building rapport and credibility with the prospect. This segment will also detail how our team works with your business to identify the key criteria needed to effectively match your prospects personal and business criteria to potential franchise opportunities. Triton’s team does all this work on your company’s behalf to ensure that each prospect is properly matched and the deal successfully closes.

7. Presentation to Placement

We will provide best practices scripts for presenting franchise opportunities to your prospects, how to manage the prospects on introductory calls and teach you effective coaching techniques and tools that make you a value-added Franchise Investor, resulting in a franchise placement and earning your business the fees once the deal closes.

8. Continuous Triton Support & Investor Training

Receive on-going training and support from our Senior Team members. Learn about all the resources and tools available to you so you can effectively operate your Franchise Investor Business. Our team members will be here to provide assistance to your company and ensure that each qualified prospect’s deal is closed and you are paid!

Hands-On Personal and Sr. Staff Mentoring – Segment II

Triton Finance and Franchise Services

Triton Finance is a division of Triton Business Group, which is a direct funding resource for your prospects. Triton Finance has several financing options that your prospects can take advantage of to purchase the franchise opportunity of their dreams. Learn about how your prospect can use their IRA/401K (Without Any Tax Penalty) to fund a franchise purchase or consider other types of loans depending on the prospect’s financial and business situation, including: SBA Loans, Business Lines of Credit, Veteran Loans, Private Investor Programs, Asset Backed Loans and more. A qualified prospect will have several options to finance their franchise purchase.

Alternative Private Investors Funding

The purpose of this training segment is to educate you on a unique type of loan product – Securities Based Loans – which can be used to finance the purchase of franchises. These are privately funded, low-cost loans that can close in as little as 15 business days. The goal of the training is to give you a general understanding of how the loans work and the basic questions to ask in order to determine who might be a good candidate for this type of loan.

Wealth Building with Master Franchising

Learn about master franchising, the secret to great wealth in franchising! We will explore the characteristics of the ideal prospect and ensure that you have the tools that will educate you further about specific franchise brands that are developing through master franchising. This is an exceptional opportunity to broaden your franchising experience and expand your knowledge.

United States E2 Investor Visa Program

In this segment you will learn about representing foreign entrepreneurs in investor matters involving start-up franchises as well as acquiring existing franchise businesses. Discover how to determine eligibility for investment visas and green cards. You will be prepared after this session to talk in detail with foreign investors about the process requirements for this program.

Advisor Development Curriculum Training – Segment III

1. Communicating with Potential Clients

While prospecting for clients, sometimes there can be misunderstandings; in order to reduce those events and improve relationships, it is very important to understand that each person has a personal preference in the way they can use effective communication and operational styles to win a prospect over. This course helps participants understand the different types of communication styles for processing information, managing change and winning over prospects. Learning outcomes from this course will be an awareness of one’s own style, identifying others styles, an appreciation for the differences and tips for adapting to others communication styles to improve relationships and become more successful with your business.

2. Growing Successfully Through Specialization

This training class will discuss the benefits gained by becoming a true expert in a specific franchise category and your ability to present with passion to prospects.

3. Understanding Clients Abilities and Profile

This is one of the most important segments because once you have established credibility and conducted a detailed interview with your qualified prospect, you should be in a position to communicate the prospects desire for ownership. Specifically, you should be able to effectively outline what you have identified as the tangibles and intangibles of what your prospective client is looking for in a franchise opportunity. This course helps Triton’s team identify key criteria from your interview to consider when researching and presenting franchise opportunities to your prospective client that will ensure a successful match and closing.

4. Prospective Client Risk Management - Overcoming Fear - Evaluating Risk

In this training segment, you master how to evaluate and talk to your prospective client about how to overcome their fears early on in the purchasing process. We will discuss possible reasons that prospects may hesitate to purchase a franchise and become financially free. We will also discuss how to properly qualify and educate the prospective client early in the interview process. We will show you how to detect some of the clear, early signals that let you know the prospective client may be unable to follow through and sign an agreement when the franchise process is completed. Our team will give you the tools that will let you know when it is the right time to talk with the prospective client about their concerns and how and when is the right time to discuss facing those concerns and how to overcome them.

Annual Education Training Program:

This program keeps you up-to-date with the latest legal changes in the industry, and provides additional marketing training and business development.

Industry Knowledge and Resource Training:

Training will be provided to further your knowledge of the franchise industry and business growth strategies. You will also learn about various tools and resources available that you can utilize in your business such as alternative ways to generate large number of leads and advance marketing solutions and strategies.