Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Triton?

Triton is the Premier Alternative Lender and Advisory Source for Entrepreneurs interested in joining the franchise industry. Our team of Franchise and Business Finance experts specialize in Financial Development and Professional Investors Services. Whether our clients are trying to get established in the franchise industry or have been actively engaged for years and need resources to grow, we have solutions that fit your situation.

2. How long has Triton been in business?

Triton began operating in 2007. Our executive team and affiliates have over a decade of experience in the franchise industry. All come from Fortune 20 companies or are military veterans. Our combined experience has enabled Triton to provide not only the best training program in the industry, but our in-house financing sets us apart from other alternative lenders.

3. What is a Franchise Investor?

A Franchise Investor is an Entrepreneur who is keenly focused on making money in the franchise industry. Franchise Investors buy, sell (and in some cases hold interest in) a variety of franchises, invest in commercial real estate associated with franchises, conduct turnaround consulting as well as invest in franchises with interested parties in the franchise industry.

4. Will Triton help me develop a marketing plan?

Yes, we work directly with our Franchise Investors to ensure they have a personalized marketing plan that can be easily executed to meet their company’s long-term goals.

5. Does Triton assist Franchise Investors with sourcing Start-up Capital to get started?

Yes, Triton has a variety of resources, both internal and external, to provide capital resources to Investors to get their business started.

6. Do I need experience?

No experience is required to be a Franchise Investor. Triton’s program is designed to work with you step-by-step showing you exactly how to close your first deal.

7. Do I need any special license to work as a Franchise Investor?

Franchise Investors need no special license. As an Investor, the risk to your business will be based on the performance and due diligence that you do when buying and investing in different franchises. Triton’s program will show you how to mitigate those risks when investing and consulting in your company. If you live in either New York or Washington state, you may have to register your business and pay a nominal annual operating fee. However, each state has different requirements and we ask that you check your state and local permit office at the time you obtain your business license.